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Welcome to the world of Dog Listening!

 Dogs are of a pack mentality regardless how much we have changed them through breeding over the centuries. In a pack structure there must be decision makers; pack leaders if you will. As seen after hurricane Katrina, within a week all the dogs left behind began to form packs. Biologists from Yellowstone who study wolves were called in to help catch these packs of domestic dogs. 

There are very specific canine leadership signals displayed to the rest of the pack to maintain pack stability. If these specific leadership signals are not displayed by you and your family your dog may decide to take over the job of pack leader. The job of pack leader comes with many responsibilities including protecting the pack. Now think about how a dog will try to take care of its pack in a human world that it does not understand. Many dog owners have unwanted behaviors with their dogs like pulling on the lead, barking, aggression, running away, jumping up, following you everywhere, just to name a few. These are dogs that are trying to cope and make decisions in a world of confusion.

Let me give you an example that you can relate to of just how stressful it can be for a dog to be responsible for us. For all of you that have only been a patient in a hospital emergency room; let's change your role. Tomorrow morning you must walk into that emergency room and take charge of it. You get no more information than that. You may try your best to save lives but you do not have enough knowledge about that world to take charge of it. You may do some behaviors that you have never done before. You may panic and run away. You may try to grab someone to help. You may get angry and lash out at someone.

What do you say we let your dog come to peace in your world?

What do you say we let you become the decision maker and pack leader for your dog?

What do you say I teach you those specific canine leadership signals?

 Let's talk about just how we get started on the path to bring your dog to peace. Once you contact me we will set up an appointment for me to come to your home. Leadership begins in the home territory. I will need an average of about three hours to get you started on your road to canine leadership. I give you a week or two to implement what you have learned. I will folllow up with you in about two weeks to see how things are coming along.After that I like to keep in touch and my one time fee includes back up service for life. I am always just a phone call away. If the dynamics of your pack changes and your dog begins to ask questions just call me. Household dynamics are always changing. You may move, your child may move out, your mother-in-law may move in. Who knows what will happen? Anything can cause a dog to question. That is why I like to always be available.

I travel throughout New England and am based in Willington, CT. For distances further than fifty miles I charge the standard milage fee.